If I am supposed to retrospect in my life to represent my intention of getting so far in the computer science, I will pinpoint my childhood when I just was a curious kid searching for enigmas. I should admit it; my elder brother antediluvian PC was just the big question mark for me. To be frankly, watching him working on the PC which was a new instrument in those years, was sort of entertainment for me. Growing elder, made me more focused on the PC and I was mesmerized by its ability to do things without dissipating physical energy. For instance, typing a letter through PE2 by the ability of editing the text without writing it again was astonishing for a child like me. Years after dabbling with this unique instrument in my early stages of life, high school was my first encounter with computer lessons i.e. Qbasic and C++. It enhanced my resolution to continue my education in computer science. You know, now that I look backward on those times which provoked me in my way, I can say that, my enthusiasm for this science, is the omnipotent nature of it that makes other sciences to adjust themselves to it; therefore, I was determined to choose Information technology as my major field.

As my knowledge got more robust in the university, I gradually realized my own thirst in this field. In my junior years of study, I attended many extra courses out of the academy, including MCITP courses in AMIRCHOOPANI institute, CCNA and SQL design in KAHKESHAN institute and C# and ASP programming courses in EBNESINA technical institute. As soon as getting graduated from the university by my bachelor’s degree, I found that if my knowledge going to be efficacious, it needs more study on this incipient science; hence, without wasting my time, I applied for master degree in the National University of Malaysia (UKM) in the field of software engineering which was of my great interest. Moreover, to not to fall behind in the experiences, after getting my bachelor’s degree, I tried to handle practical jobs as an web developer in the HESABRASA accounting company and as a Network administrator in SANGSIMANSAZEH construction company, Since 2008-2010, 2011-2012 respectively. During my master years, I got the opportunity to investigate some challenging topics during the terms of passing the courses which in turn, led me to my focused research of my thesis namely...

As an educated alumnus, I really have the same feeling that I got after taking my bachelor’s degree, but in a more experienced way. As the years passes, I think my eagerness for computer science hasn’t got satiated which makes me to admit it my way of research is not closed yet. For all the questions in my mind which makes me to deviate from the education i.e. depriving from my beloved family, I have the Hobson choice of continuing my education in a more serious and robust way. There are more questions in this field which I like to take a part in finding solutions for them.

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