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Hi, I’m Aryan Mohammadi Pasikhani, a PhD candidate in Cyber Security at the University of Sheffield. Please feel free to have a look around my website and our forum, if you have any questions get in touch, or read on for a brief bio of what has led me to this point.

Looking back in retrospect to what has motivated me to progress so far in computer science, I could go back to my childhood, as a curious kid searching for enigmas. My older brother’s antediluvian PC played a key role in attracting me to this field, and programming in Pascal was a form of entertainment in my childhood years. Growing older increased my focus on the PC, and I became mesmerised by its ability to perform tasks without dissipating physical energy. Years after first dabbling with this unique instrument, high school provided my first encounter with computer lessons, with Windows 2000 and C++. My resolution to continue my education in computer science grew.

As my knowledge strengthened during university, I became thirstier for more. In my undergraduate years, I attended many extracurricular courses, including MCITP courses at the Amirchoopani Institute, CCNA and SQL design at the Kahkeshan institute, and C# and ASP programming courses at the Ebnesina Technical institute. Meanwhile to gain professional experience, I obtained practical jobs as a web developer in the accounting company ‘Hesabrasa’, and as a web administrator in the construction company ‘Sangsimansazeh’, from 2008-2011.

Soon after graduating I realised I still was not satisfied with my knowledge of this emerging science, and so applied for a Master’s in software engineering at the National University of Malaysia (UKM). During this period, I investigated Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) under the supervision of Professor Elankovan, which led to the publication of a paper in a well-known journal.

After graduating from the UKM, I encountered the familiar craving for more knowledge. My interest in computer science hadn’t been satiated, leading me to realise my research life was not yet at an end. I had an opportunity to interview Professor John A Clark, an eminent figure in Cyber Security. After showing my PhD proposal to Prof Clark, he accepted my proposal to study under his supervision at Sheffield University, UK.

Currently, I’m a PhD candidate in the Security of Advanced Systems Research Group at the University of Sheffield.

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